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"Sestrenki" means "sisters" in Russian, but it also can mean "cousins". We are two sisters, who each has a daughter. The girls are almost the same age, about 4,5 now.

We started this blog to share the little tricks that we learned or invented to make our everyday life go a bit smoother. We want to tell about the games our girls like, things we do for or with them. And just tell a story about how different a life of a preschooler is in US and in Russia. Yet, it's very much the same.

Mamolya and Little A. live in Russia. Little A. loves figure ice skating and swimming, and you should see how much she's accomplished in just one season! She also has a school readiness and art lessons. Last year she was diagnosed with Diabetes type 1. We all had to learn a lot about the food we eat and how it affects our bodies.

Mamalya and Little N. live in America. Little N. goes to a Montessori school and is a self-driven learner, very stubborn but an extremely creative inventor. She is allergic to eggs and all the milk proteins. I'm often asked to share the recipes and ideas about what to feed to a toddler with allergies, and I hope that I'll get to write more about this soon. Most of the posts come from me, but I get a lot of support and ideas from Mamolya.

Sometimes I write a review of some products that we tried and liked. I'm not paid anything for this. This is my honest opinion. I'm writing the reviews simply because I have a great passion for quality educational toys and games; because I want others to know about the products that are on the market but are not advertised heavily on TV.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions you might have.
We really hope you like our blog.
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