Birthday gift

I've got an early Birthday present today - iPod Touch. Yeepee! 
And my 4yo is already playing with it. Booo! ["Is it mine?"]

We've got a couple of edutainment kids' apps on it:
"Feed me!" is a cute one. And it's free! The idea of the game is to feed a little purple monster all sorts of things, and in the meanwhile learn about shapes and colors, time telling and fractions. And if he does not like what you've given him (meaning, your answer is incorrect), he says "yuck".

We also have "My first 123" and "ArithmeTick"- both teach simple math. But little N. was not very interested in them.

And this is what will be on my wish list for the New Year: Xachipet. I can't find a video of it anywhere, but the idea is that this is a plush robotic toy that uses iPod/iPhone as a remote control.

The iPod was intended to be my PDA / personal gaming device. I want to find a simple drawing application for N. and some games for myself. What's your favorite app?  Leave a comment below.

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