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I don't know why when somebody writes about the Toy fair, they write about Barbie trying on new jobs or "The Toy Story" themed products. There were lots of toys that deserve attention. I have a great passion for toys that are versatile, encourage open play, encourage using one's brain and imagination. I am not paid a dime for my reviews. I'm writing them simply because I want others to know about good toys.

Did you know that the Rubik's cube celebrates its 30th anniversary this year? And it still is the world's best selling puzzle. Last year the makers of Rubik's cube came up with the TouchCube, which basically was an electronic version of the original one. This year at the Toy Fair the new Rubik's Slide was unveiled. It's an electronic hybrid of the "Magic cube" and the slide puzzle (aka "15 game"). You can twist it. You can slide it. But can you solve it? This is a great way to pass the love of puzzles on to your kids. Though you might find it hard to part with a Slide. I am keeping mine to myself, that's for sure.

There are 10,000 brain-busting puzzles in 3 different levels (easy, medium and difficult) and 2 different mode of play (free play or timed mode). The object of each puzzle is to rearrange the pattern of lights until they match the solution for this puzzle.

The Slide will be available this summer. You can watch the demo here:

(image source Techno Source USA)


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