The very long flight

We spent the whole day strapped to our chairs twenty something thousand miles up in a sky. We flew from gray rainy day in NJ to ever sunny Hawaii.
As usually we've drawn too much attention to ourselves in the airport as little N drove her bright green Trunki across the terminal. Trunki is a hard case suitcase that the child can sit on while you pull it behind youself or she can pull it by herself if it's more convenient.
(it looks like Melissa & Doug will be an oficial distributor in US, so they might be coming to major stores soon. We bought ours from a kid boutique).

The flight was never-ending. It's difficult to convince a four-year old that time goes faster when we sleep; or that we need sleep because we woke up at the crack of dawn... So she was restless and we all were tired. Somehow Transcontinental flights are easier than extra-long
local ones.

The Trunki (our in-flight entertainment bag) was packed with snack bars, juice boxes; coloring books and crayons; a deck of Uno and a deck of Go fish!; iPod and a small laptop. For the first portion of the flight N played with her purple beany bear and was learning to use the wild cards in Uno (apperantly it's fun to make daddy lose his turn) then we found out that the laptop can't read from the SD card (we have an eee pc) so cartoons were canceled to everyone's disappointment and I had to give her my new iPod. She uses it like a pro! And looks extreemly cute. I've got a few more games from iTunes and she loves them. The only thing she did not want was the coloring book (even doodling in the airline magazine was more fun).

Another long flight is coming in a week when we'll be going back home but we won't have a beach and ocean and pool that we can promiss her for being a good girl during a flight. So it's going to be an exhausting one unless we fix the laptop or figure out some other ways to keep her busy.

Do you know a good way to keep the small child happy and on her chair for a long time? If you do, please leave a comment.


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