Family game night for the small players (3+)

I've already wrote about our love for board games and about the games suitable for the tiniest players.

Now, let's go back to the shelf and see what we can find for the preschoolers. This looks like it's going to be a Haba edition. All the games in this list are made by Haba. Their games are very creative and are of a superb quality. Should you ever lose a game piece, Haba will replace it.

Our favorite game [in the whole world] is Kikeriki. It allows you to play 4 different games. But we only play one. Because we like it so.

Dwarfs Mini game is a very simple game. And it is a lot of fun to "steal" pieces from your parents! It comes in a tiny tin box. Fits in your pocket or your child's pocket. So it is perfect for playing in the doctor's office or restaurant, or airplane. The game round takes between 2 and 10 minutes.

The Orchard (we have a tin version. The game pieces are tiny but we have not lost any in 2 years) is a cooperative game: all the players vs the raven. Who will get the fruits first?

We have other games that we play w/o rules:
Tottering Towers - the rules that came with the game are too complicated. So we play it like the Dwarfs game and then see who's tower is higher.
Lucky sock dip - we don't play as a race, we just use it as a matching activity.
Hedgehog mini game - the rules are a bit difficult to explain to a 4yo, so we're playing it by ourselves for now. It's fun, but some logic skills are required.

(image: Mamalya)


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