Her hand in mine

In our busy lives with tight schedules, planned events, a lot of
pressure, we tend to ask too much from our little ones. We expect them
to keep up with our pace, making them grow up faster.
This is a small tip I've got some time ago from the teachers in my
daughter's Montessori school. When you tuck you child in tonight, take
her hand. Look at how small it is. Think how little this hand has
done, how little time it has spent in this world. Childhood is a
magical time, but it is ever so short. Make the memories that will
last a lifetime. Give them youselves. Give them your time.
Turn your phone off. Run outside with a paper boat and sail it in the
puddles. Look for some bugs together. Have a dance party before
dinner. Have fun. Together. Put the rest of the world on hold.
The other thing is that it is also important not to rush your child
all the time and let her finish a task by herself. This helps the
child to develop self confidence. Teach her to dress herself, set the
table and use utencils, write her name or tie her shoes. Let her help
with daily tasks even if they will take longer to complete.
Slow down. Hold your child's hand...


Hope said...

Hi there! I'm new to your blog and just wanted to say how much I love this.

mamalya said...

Hope, welcome. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

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