Wakey-wakey, little Snakey

The spring is here. A few days ago we found a tiny flower, and immediately N. proclaimed that it's the best day ever, and a very beautiful one.

Today we were cleaning the back yard. We checked on the flowers, found the buds and were very happy about it. Cleaned our veggie boxes (one box has strawberries planted last year, another one will be converted into a flower bed, because of its location). We also cut down some not-so-wanted trees and raked the leaves.

All this time I was thinking how much I hate being the one to clean up there, since I could find some sleeping snakes. Little did I know that later I will find one by the side of the shed. Small garden snake. I took it and put it in a large cardboard box (so N. could look at it safely and I could finish up raking). The snake "woke up" and began moving around trying to find a new "bedroom", then curled up and went back to sleep. Kiddo had a great time watching it. And she was crying when it finally was time to release the Snakey back into the yard. "No, dear, we can't keep the Snakey. He wants to go back to HIS family".


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