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It's May, and it's time for a new calendar. We have a little tradition: we print out a monthly calendar, our daughter draws a picture and writes in the numbers. Then we put it on the fridge, and every day she makes sure to move a magnet to the right date. You can read more about it in the earlier post.

You can see that I wrote some of the dates, this is what is called "control of error", it allows a child to do the work independently (fill in the blanks), and to be able to check whether or not the numbers are in order. Depending on where your child is, you can write in as many numbers as needed. Filling in the blank spaces with flowers also gives a child a signal that they need to stop. You know that a 4yo will keep writing 32-33-34-etc. until she runs out of paper.

If you'd like, you can download my template to use at home. I'm not sure how I can "attach" a pdf, so the template is in jpg for now.


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