Portable Dollhouse

Kids like small things. And kids like to play with miniature versions of real life objects. So, sooner or later you end up with a box full of small dolls, animals, furniture and accessories. You might go and get a dollhouse, or if you are like me, you might decide to make one instead.

This is our recent project. The Dollhouse. It took only an hour to put it together. It's portable. It's cat proof (can be closed and put away). It does not take a lot of space, and is easy to clean up: all pieces stay inside the suitcase when the playtime is over.

Here's how we made it. Take one cardboard suitcase. We had a medium size one, and the room is spacious enough for two kids to play together at the same time, or to use larger furniture, if you wish.

We used a Calico Critters Deluxe Kitchen Set.

Open the suitcase. Line the "floor" with some scrap paper or newspaper, trace along the perimeter. Take another sheet of paper and repeat for the "wall". Take it out, carefully cut along the lines. Now you have your templates.

Take some construction paper, scrapbook paper or contact paper, trace the templates, cut out carefully. Affix the "flooring" first, using double sided tape or glue. Open and close the suitcase a few time to create the crease. 

I used the Contact cork for the floor. The result is nice and cork is more resistant to scratches, but it will be more difficult to remove, should I ever change my mind.

Glue the "wallpaper". I used a sheet of scrapbooking paper. I glued it on with the regular school glue.

Arrange the furniture. You may use a double sided tape or a mounting tape to affix the pieces to the "floor" and/or "walls".

I think I'll make a "window" to put above the sink/counter. To do this, you can either buy a Dollhouse window or just make a pair of curtains and a small picture (aka "the view"), and glue this onto the wall.

The only thing left now it to invite some toys over for a house warming party. Enjoy!


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