Spring is here! In fact, we had a record high heat last week. We're starting the garden. Kiddo said that she's "going to grow flowers and mommy is going to grow food and leaves" (aka Basil). But more on this later...

Right now N. is the most excited about the dandelions. She takes her basket and goes outside to pick some flowers. Dandelions should be called "The official flower of the Childhood". The child never gets "no" if she wants to pick up a bouquet of dandelion, or make a diadem. On contrary, she might even get her parents to help her.
And how exciting it is to watch the yellow flowers turn into big white fluffy balls; and then blow hard on them and watch them fly away...
No, there is definitely no other flowers that bring as much joy to small children as dandelions.

(photo by Mamalya)


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