Walmart thinks I've got a new baby.

All of a sudden I began receiving tons of baby related coupons and offers in the mail. I even got two cans of formula! I had to carefully line the letters up, and call the companies one by one and ask them to remove me from their mailing lists because I don't have a new baby and I'm not planning to get pregnant any time soon.

But I wanted to know how I made it into their databases and who sold me... It was a long investigation, which lead me to one purchase at Walmart made on my credit card. You see, I bought a Preemie size set for a baby doll my niece has; preemie clothing is a perfect size for it, and is of a much better quality than any doll clothing.

I would never suspect that ONE purchase would be enough to suspect that I have a baby and need coupons and diapers, and start attacking me with unsolicited offers! Now I can't find a way to contact Walmart and get myself removed from their list. But the lesson is learned - if I ever want to buy a baby clothing or baby food (I buy it sometimes for making pop-sickles), I will make sure to pay IN CASH, especially in Walmart.


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