one-two, TIE my shoe

There are a lot of products designed to help kids learn to tie their shoes, like the Tie Buddies.
Here's my homemade shoe tying aid. If your kid can tie a knot - she can tie her shoes! Guaranteed. It works just like the Tie Buddies, but costs nothing.

Preparation. Make a simple loop knot in the middle of each shoe lace.

To tie the shoes
Step one: hold the shoe laces by the aglets (plastic or metal sheath at the end of the laces), tie a regular knot.

Step two: hold the laces just below the loop knots, tie a regular knot again. Congratulations! You just tied your shoes!

Please, leave a comment whether or not this worked for your child.

(photos by Mamalya)


sallytomato said...

This is amazing! Thanks so much. I teach early primary and this will be a lifesaver!

Sarah said...

Hi, Thank you for the tip. I'm going to teach my 3 yr old this today. Where did you get the little shoe in the pictures? Its so cute!

mamalya said...

Thank you for visiting. I am happy that my 'invention' helped make your life a little easier.

The shoe is by 'Plan Toys'.

loretta said...

how do you make the first loop knot in each lace?

mamalya said...

loretta, to tie the loop knot, you need to fold the shoelace in half (one side is attached to the shoe - hold it in your left hand, the loop side is in the right hand). You are basically making a regular knot (aka overhand knot), but using only the "loop end" of the string: bring the "loop end" under the lace in your left hand and then over it and into the loop. Pull to tighten. Adjust the position of the knot so it's no more than 1/2in from the "loop end". Hope this helps.

gvillejen said...

I am so excited to have my 4 yr old try this tomorrow! I think she'll get it! Thanks!!!

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