Jacket flip

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After I wrote about the shoe tying trick, I've realized that I've never posted the "jacket flip" that both girls used to do before they learned to put their coats on the traditional way. The jacket flip is taught at Montessori schools and some daycare centers. It works best on kids from 1 to 3 years old.

a) lay the jacket on the floor with the collar at the child's feet.
b) put the arms into the sleeves.
c) raise the arms up, over your head and then down [as if drawing a circle in the air]. 

Small kids usually want to do things by themselves but we, parents, rarely have an opportunity to give them the time they need to do so. They need to practice a particular skill over and over until it's mastered and they can put that jacket on fast enough so we don't rush to put it on for them in the morning. As with academic skills, it is important to give kids an opportunity to learn to care for themselves. Teach them to dress themselves; let them help to set the table, get their own snack, etc. Not only does this help to boost their self confidence and sense of independence, but it also trains their motor skills; it teaches order of events; patience, etc. Incorporate this little activities into your routine. Ultimately, this also make your life a bit easier.

(photos by Mamalya)


gvillejen said...

Nice trick! My daughter's jackets usually have hoods, so at her Montessori school they taught her to do the hood first, then the rest, which works great as well!

Jay Saurus said...

The overhead flip is also a fun game - see here:


Hope you enjoy!

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