I think everybody needs to know how to perform a trick or two, especially parents. I'm not a big fan of tricks that use a fake deck of cards. Nor can I do any of the coin tricks.

So here are two simple ones that everyone can learn. They don't require any special equipment or skill. And they are really easy to master.

Balloon on a Skewer.
You will need:
-wooden skewer
-a dab of dish soap.

Watch Steve Spangler demonstrating it here:

It really works! Beware that some kids might get upset when they see you popping the balloon. Make sure it's not the last balloon in the house.

Have a tougher audience? Try this Arm Twisting trick that David Copperfield and David Blaine often used in their shows. It IS easy to do. Just watch this video.

If you like illusions better, check out my post about thaumatrope.


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