Yesterday we went to the Maker Faire. It was brilliant. All of us have found something to do. And we had a lot of fun. Kiddo's favorite was a vat full of OOBLECK. You might know that we are fond of goop (see here how we made a batch of blue goo). This is a type of goo we have not made yet. And I doubt that we'll ever be able to make THAT much of it.

Oobleck is a mixture of starch and water. It's a non-newtonian liquid. It's fluid and it's hard all at the same time. Kids had a blast running and jumping, and doing a handstand in the vat-full of this stuff. If you run on it, it feels just like rubber; but if you stop, you start sinking in, and it feels like sticky mud. It's weird. It's fun! I should make some next time we have some kids over at our house.

Here's the video of oobleck from the Craftzine blog, the organizers of the Maker Faire.

PS: can you tell that she also liked making the mask? She was wearing it the whole day!


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