October calendar template

Calendar Template

The monthly calendars became one of the favorite activities here. It gives kiddo a chance to practice counting and writing numbers (without her realizing the hidden agenda), and it gives her a chance to draw a picture and have it displayed on the fridge for a full month! It also helps her to get the concept of time. She does not need to ask "How many days till..." - now she just counts the days on the calendar. She can also figure out whether there is a school day or a weekend. See, I told you there's plenty of hidden agenda, yet she LOVES them.

So, for a few days she was reminding me that we need to print out a new calendar. And here it is. I finally figured out how to upload it somewhere, so you could also print out your own copy. Note that I only write the first and last day of the month, because I know that kiddo is capable of filling in the blanks. Add more numbers if your child is not yet comfortable writing all the numbers by himself.


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