She's reading!

It finally happened. The little N. overcame the fear of "long" sentences and became to read. The excitement of the child who just discovered that she can read the whole book all by herself is priceless!

She was able to read phonetic words for a while now, but she was intimidated by sentences. It was funny, because she'd choose to read 50 words instead of 10 sentences. But now, she's excited and proud of herself, and she loves reading the BOB books or Hooked on Phonics books. She reads TO us at the bedtime now; she reads to her toys at the playtime; she reads to herself...

I also finally found a guide I was searching for - The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading. It has a step-by-step lesson plans that take you from teaching letters and letter sounds to reading "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious". And the lesson should take you only 10-30 min a day. It's the first time I opened the primer and said to myself: "Yeah, I can do this. I can teach my child to read, even if the school keeps discouraging her from reading." (long story)

The other reading activity that we recently got is a Very Silly sentences game. It won't teach the child to read, but it will introduce him to the idea of the sentence structure and parts of speech.


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