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Did you ever take part in a Science swap? Oh, you've never heard of them. Neither did we until we began homeschooling. If you did, and came here looking for swap bag ideas - scroll down...

We just made our bags for the upcoming swap. The idea is that you prepare a science activity that kids can do with minimal help; you prepare the "ingredients", write instructions, experiment log, questions, etc. And put everything in a gallon plastic bag. The rest works just like any other swap: 15 people make 15 bags each (same ones), so you end up with 15 different projects to take home!

So, here's our swap project - Balloon Magic. There are actually two different experiments, both are entertaining and simple enough for small kids, and science-y enough for older ones.  

First experiment is "Screaming balloon", the second one is "Balloon Kebab" (see it here).

Bag assembly instructions:

- print out the label, experiment directions, log, answers (download)
- punch holes for binder (optional)
- put 2 balloons, 1 hex nut, 1 penny, 1 skewer (protect the tip with a piece of drinking straw) in a zipper bag
- put a copy of the printouts in the bag
- cut out a label, attach it to the front of the bag with wide scotch tape.


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