Making a Lid-Bot.

We've had a family craft time this week. We made a Lid-bot, which is a robot, made from lids.

We'd been waiting to do this project for a long time, since it took a while to collect a basket full of lids and caps. The original inspiration came from Lidmen. Actually, I wanted to make a puppet, but the assembly of the robot took longer than expected, and it was too much for kiddo.

All you need is:
-bunch of caps/lids, big and small

Learning from our first try, I would recommend pre-drilling the lids before calling your child over. Let your child design a lid-bot by laying the pieces on the table (or rug). It also helps to take a picture of the layout before you start the assembly, this way if it gets messed up or you get interrupted, you'll still remember what the original plan was.  Once you pre-drill the holes, your child can help you thread the lids on to the strings. You can also use permanent markers to draw a face or decorations on your 'bot. You can even spray paint the whole thing, if you like.

These are the pictures of the 'bots layout we tried. This was the kiddo's favorite part! Most of our lids are from soda/juice/water bottles, the larger ones are from the spices, deodorant, shaving cream, the girl bot's skirt is from the laundry detergent; we also used straws from old sippy cups for making limbs and inside the lidbot's chest to connect his stomach to his neck.

Overall, it's a fun family project, that costs nothing. The design possibilities are endless. But you WILL get addicted to lid collecting. 

Happy crafting!

(photos by Mamalya)


j* said...

This is so much fun, really made me smile!

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